Little Sister Charity

 Healthy Minds. Healthy Choices


Welcome to Little Sister.

Young people from all walks of life are heavily influenced by a multitude of factors and these play a massive roll in the paths they subsequently choose to take.

Little Sister wants to create a society where children and young people are encouraged, enthused, empowered, confident, challenged and inspired!

We want to see our young people studying, working, living, loving, content, with strong family bonds, forming healthy relationships of their own and realising their full potential! We are committed in assisting young people to find their own voice, make healthy personal choices and have the courage of their convictions.

Little Sister is a not for profit organisation with a focus on working with girls and young women in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

There we hold one to one sessions and run workshops designed to build a strong sense of self, along with problem solving and analytical skills. By learning these skills and more girls and young women are empowered to develop a strong moral compass, make healthy personal choice, complete there education and lay the foundations for a successful life.   
All our programmes are jargon-free and have a down-to-earth approach which makes learning and developing effortless, fresh and fun.

Our 3 Key Areas of focus are:

                          Empower Mind Sets

                         Goal Setting and Achieving

                         Relationships and Communication
Little Sister is a Scottish not-for-Profit Organization. Charity No: SC042306

All programmes and workshops use the most advanced techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Self Improvement as well as other strategies from the fields of Personal Development and Human Potential.