Little Sister Charity

About Us

Our Organisation
Little Sister is a not-for-profit organisation established to carry out workshops and one to one sessions educating and developing children and young people within Scotlands schools, youth groups and local community projects. Through the instilling of personal values, respect for self and others and the cultivation of life skills and healthy behaviours, young people are empowered to develop a their own moral compass and find their true voice.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower and support Scotlands young people for personal and social transformation through our signature branded workshops and one to one sessions.

Our Vision
It is our vision to empower, inspire and educate young people to develop self assurance, find their voice and make healthy personal choices.  By addressing the very core of the key issues confronting young people, we will increase confidence in their ability to identify positive paths and the resources required to lay the foundations for a happy successful life.

Why Little Sister Was Created

Growing up as a young people in Scotland is harder than ever with high rates of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, drug misuse and mental health issues so prevalent.

  • Teenage pregnancy in Scotland is still amongst the highest in Western Europe and has remained steady for the past decade with the most deprived groups of girls and young women having around ten times the rate of delivery as the least deprived, and twice the rate of abortion.
  • The Scottish Drugs Misuse Database (SDMD have also discovered that the majority of drug ‘users’ were in their teens when they first started using illicit drugs and in their teens/early twenties when their drug use became a problem
  • The Mental Health Foundation has brought to light the increase of mental health problems among children as they reach adolescence. Disorders affect 5.9% of girls aged 5-10, rising to 9.65% of girls aged 11-15.

Along with these terrifying truths our young women are also forced to cope with low self-esteem, poverty, peer pressure, negative influences in society, lack of parental guidance in some homes, teen pregnancy, media imagery and sexual exposure...and a lack of programs designed just for them.